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Yukon houses some of Canada’s funniest performers, from stand-up to improv to even poetry. Meet some of these fantastic people and learn why the biggest laughs come from north of 60.


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In order for the YCC to fund our many events, we act as an agent to book many of Yukon’s most talented people for your event. Whether you need to entertain, host, train or all of the above we have the right person for what you need.




Yukon Comedy Festival

Coming March 2018

I am excited to announce the first annual Yukon Comedy Festival will take place in March 2018, this festival will provide comedy focused entertainment in the structure of a multi-day festival to Yukon residents as well as audiences abroad, highlighting Yukon entertainers, local businesses and culture throughout.  Over the course of three days, there will be performances in venues throughout Whitehorse and Yukon communities, ranging from stand-up, storytelling, podcasting, and improvisational comedy. There will also be opportunities for public workshops. The timing of this event was carefully chosen for two main reasons. One, being a quiet calendar in terms of entertainment being offered and the other being the need for a good belly laugh and respite from winters slog.
In its first year the festival will feature 15 + comedic performers from across Canada, the United States and homegrown talent from right here in the Yukon, spread amongst venues across Whitehorse and the Yukon.

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